Nellie Cake’s Bone Collection/Memoirs From My Outhouse


Three nine year old card playing girls were stolen, violently beaten and raped, two were shot. I was raped and beat, but I escaped. Incest was reality in mountain families. Brothers, uncles and cousins brutally raped female family members. Four children were stolen at birth, one by my parents. My uncle raped me. I’m not sure if he’s the father. One baby stolen by a biker gang he’s albino. Two while I was in a coma for nine months. I left school and home in fourth grade I never saw my brothers or sister again.

Most of my life was spent on highways and streets getting raped with many knives and guns pulled to my head or throat. My dad was a Pentecost Oneness Preacher he went into the New Mexico court house to blow his head off. My oldest sister was dismembered in a semi wreck with a little boy in her arms. I hitchhiked across the states for many years. Rode with many biker gangs in many states. Several pregnancies I lived in the snow under a picnic table. I married a war hero with a prosthetic arm he beat me with.

I bought houses and property I had to abandon run from the violence leaving me homeless to this day. I married a gun toting wannabe Clint Eastwood who splattered my blood over all walls of our home hunted me like an animal. Always running from violence I married three violent men the abuse lasted 14 years each. While in a coma for nine months my mother in law found me she stole my two babies. I spent many years hitchhiking in the snow searching for my kids.

Drug dealing was always a means to survive. Hundreds of felonies ranging from Arson to terrorist acts hundreds of D.U.I.s blessed with a Governor’s pardon. I had many breaks downs and heart attacks I survived. I also survived a 16,000 pound building falling on me crushing my body. I now have a huge list of injuries and disabilities. I survived worse case in history M.R.S.A.. My last daughter became an armed bank robber with Jesse James.

I paid my debt to society, lived a productive life and spent most of my life on highways prison or jails. I trained managers and cooks 38 years maintained second jobs as a cook or construction or landscaper. Have 4 years college majored in Secretarial Science. I maintained several jobs and writing through all the homelessness, living in the snow pregnant, and violence. My dream is to fish forever have a home & find all my children & grandchildren. If you click on the book tiles in my site all the books in “From Under My Blanket” series are always free. Through my site with ALL books you get three files: .mp3, .rtf & .doc. My full story is in Amazon Kindle under “Nellie Cake.”

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Pretty Cock/From Under My Blanket “Memoirs From My Outhouse”

Pretty Cock/From Under My Blanket Bk. 1

Cock fighting: I was forced to be a female cock fighter by my violent, abusive husband for fourteen years, but the attention and money was good. I was winning trophies and taking country boy’s money in the biggest arenas in three states. Everyone in every arena or barn scratch fights were betting on me because they knew I was being backed and trained by three of the best cock fighters in three states.

After many years of my husband’s abuse and cheating on me the fights at the arenas and home were escalated by a secret with one of my trainers done in retaliation who was my husband’s best friend. I was teaching children’s Sunday school at a very wealthy church for five years. There was going to be the biggest cock fight ever being held in the most famous arena in three states and Lucifer took his place in my life.

Three file types available with books on my site: .mp3, .rtf & .doc I’ll create any file you want. All books in the “From Under My Blanket” series are free through my site. I’m on Amazon, but through my site is a better deal. Nellie Cake’s Bone Collection/Memoirs From My Outhouse


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